Future of iphone

Some say rumours travel faster than light. While there is no actual way to prove this, the whole Apple community lives and thrives on them. It even seems to have found a way to actually harness the power of rumours to stay afloat. And now, following the recent appearance of the fabled iPhone 4G (entitled iPhone 3,1) the future versions of the OS have been spotted in the wild as well. All of this may also point to the iSlate.

For those of you still in the dark, the developers of San Francisco’s public transportation guide, iBart, have been mining device information for quite some time now. And about a month ago, they announced that a previously unknown iPhone has been sending back information. This iPhone is designated iPhone 3,1 by Apple and coincides with the appearance of the iPhone 2,1 (more commonly known as the iPhone 3GS) about a year back. These reports have also been confirmed by Pinch Media. And Apple’s long-time production partner, Foxconn, are rumoured to have started stamping out the new iPhone.

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