Motorola Xoom tablet

Motorola has launched it’s new tablet named motorola xoom.It’s very Reliable,fast and powerful tablet ever built.It’s better than ipad in many ways.motorola xoom has 3G as well as 4G and wifi connectivity,rear facing(5 megapixel) camera and Front(2 megapixel) camera for video conferences.High performance 1Ghz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.which is really fast than apple A4 processor.

32GB of internal storage (will need software update for SD support).even wide screen of 10.1 inch with HD display than ipad.Motorola xoom uses Verizon’s network instead of AT&T’s. the tablet will feature all the known goodies that we love like Gyroscope, barometer, e-compass and accelerometer.Xoom can perform any task as you can perform on your pc.

It is the first tablet which has android based operating system for tablets named honeycomb which is very user friendly,fast and reliable operating’s run Google software’s which is design specially for tablets.You can download unlimited apps from Google marketplace.Support adobe flash 10.1 player for optimal web experience.

Motorola also announced three accessories: a leather case,dock for charging and display,speaker HD dock and a Bluetooth keyboard.Motorola xoom will hit the market in later 2011.Xoom price isn’t declared yet but One of the UK online site Handtec has the tablet available for pre-order. The site shows the price as £720.

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    …..Yesterday the news of a Microsoft tablet has surfaced. It is said to be a late prototype. The tablet which will feature two folding 7 displays and a 3 megapixel camera will be called the Courier.

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